Sunday, March 11, 2007

10th March protest in Bangalore


On 9th March 2007, we welcomed monks from Bylakuppe who have undertaken peaceful rally from Mysore to Bangalore for 7 days. We had press meeting and also at 6.30pm a Candle Light vigil and prayers. That evening, we had dinner together with all 150 monks and prepared banners for the impending protest.
On 10th March 10, 2007, we gathered at Chic-Lalbagh (Majectic). After gathering. At 10:50am, peaceful rally started with around 500 people and it went very well with distribution of pamphlets and papers. We reached Gandhi Park at 12.45pm and started the function with the introduction of the chief guest as Mr. Narayana Babu (MLA) of the Karnataka State who is a good supporter for Tibetan cause and also gave talks pertaining to Tibetan causes. Media coverage went well with different interviews and photo sessions. It ends at 3pm and all thanked all the organizers as well as to the concern peoples.

Screening of some Tibetan documentary films at Tibetan hostel followed by a panel discussion at 7pm on Tibetan issue.

Organized By:
Regional Tibetan Youth Congress – Bylakuppe, Bangalore, Hunsur, Kollegal and Mysore, Friends of Tibet – Bangalore, Regional Tibetan Women Association – Bylakuppe & Hunsur, Students for a free Tibet – Bangalore, Sweater Sellers association – Bangalore.


Anonymous said...

Its good.. and yeah three cheers to bangalore tibetan people and also to our monks who did well...

Good poster!!

Tenzin here

Anonymous said...

i am an american in florida. as long as the violence in tibet continues i shall not buy any chinese goods. i PROMISE.

Anonymous said...

Is there another plan for protest? I am Korean living in Banglore, and I'd like to join you.

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